19th January 1826

Mama triumphant – viz. we have received the much-anticipated invitation to inflict our persons upon Mrs Hathersage and her great-niece. This great event of national importance is to take place upon Saturday afternoon. Mama, however, intends to take only Fanny and myself, ‘so as not to impose.’ Papa smiled and said this would give me ‘another chance to wear that extraordinary waistcoat.’ Letty and Harriet giggled and repeated ‘extra-oooord-inary.’ Then the boys joined in and pursued me around the house chanting ‘Charley’s extra-oooordin-ary weskit!’

I do wish my entire awful family were a little more genteel and not quite so childish and ignorant. 

I do not suppose I shall wear it now.

Nine o’clock p.m.

I plotted my revenge and placed a substantial earwig (deceased) on Letty’s pillow.

By the sound of things, I think she has now found it.


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